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Final Essay Project–English 1A

Final Essay Project–English 1A

Final Essay

Subject: Student’s choice.

The final push this semester will focus on building an argument with credible support. Students will work to satisfy their own curiosities and demands through reading and reasoning, develop an original thesis idea, and pursue answers to genuine questions.

A special emphasis on citing (naming, listing) sources and evaluating them for credibility and convincingness will guide our preparatory work, which will be focused on building an Annotated Bibliography (Ann. Bib.) before drafting the final essay/’term-paper’.

This work will be done in stages, including a very important week of class (Nov. 19-21) where we will share what we’ve read and thought about with small groups, and submit an Annotated Bibliography to the group members and the instructor.

A draft of this essay is due Monday, November 26th. Please bring 3 copies to class, including your own.

The essay will then be due the first week of December—but can be submitted any time after the draft review on the 26th. Essays will be available for students to retrieve at our class meeting during Finals Week. (There will be no final exam in this course.)