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Priority Issues and Initiatives

Priority Issues and Initiatives

On July 2nd, 2012 the ACCJC issued its response to the districts March 15th follow up report. You can review the letter here.

Of particular concern to the senate is the lingering issue outlined in recommendation #5, which requires the district to account for the impact of budget reductions and program cutbacks to the overall quality of services at  the colleges and district office. The senate has brought these concerns directly to Chancellor Ortiz and has requested that classified staff be involved in responding to this matter.

In the past two years over two dozen full-time classified staff positions have been lost due to retirement or elimination, nearly all have remained unfilled and the district office in most cases has absorbed the salary savings as well. It is clearly necessary to take stock of the effect these staffing reductions have had on the ability of the colleges in particular to serve our students and maintain program integrity.

The Peralta Classified Senate along with LCCS and the other college senates will continue to push for fairness and common sense in all fiscal matters and program planning. We know that cuts to classified staff have been disproportionately severe, and the results of these cuts need to be taken into consideration.