Laney College

2020 ISER TEST PAGES — This is a DRAFT

Laney College 2020 ISER

Dear Testers,

Please try the following links to see how they work, and what is ‘behind’ the visible link text:

1. This uploaded file opens on its own page, and then you have to click again to actually open the file:


2. Here is a ‘direct link’ that will open the file right up, i.e. the URL of the DE Manual file:

3. Here’s the ‘clean’ file name with the exact same “https…” link embedded, and it ‘opens right up’.  — To get this, I had to ‘manually’ delete everything from “h” to “11/” in the link just above:


Current Conclusion: We can use the ‘clean’ file names, with the “http…” links embedded in them, when we publish the evidence files on WP.