Laney College

Online Instruction- Spring 2021

Online Instruction- Spring 2021

*Please note that Spring 2021 courses are offered online in two different formats- Asynchronous and Hybrid (50% canvas, 50% zoom). For more information about Spring 2021 courses, click here.

Asynchronous- 100% Online (Self-paced Using Canvas)
Introduction to Construction Practices

Course Number: CONMT 10
Units: 3
Course Code: 21341
Instructor: McElvane
Description: Introduction of trades and their roles in construction practices

Construction Project Management I

Course Number: CONMT 18
Units: 3
Course Code: 23639
Instructor: Lynch-McMahon
Description: Survey and interpretation of components of the construction process

Construction Project Management II

Course Number: CONMT 19
Units: 3
Course Code: 21345
Instructor: Lynch-McMahon
Description: Presentation of model construction projects

Blueprint Reading and Interpretation

Course Number: CONMT 20
Units: 3
Course Code: 21342
Instructor: Der
Description: Principles of blueprint reading and interpretation

Construction Estimating II: Commercial Projects

Course Number: CONMT 21
Units: 3
Course Code: 22034
Instructor: Lynch-McMahon
Description: Advanced estimating principles

Materials and Methods of Construction

Course Number: CONMT 32
Units: 3
Course Code: 22473
Instructor: Lynch-McMahon
Description: Applications and maintenance of construction materials

Construction Contracts and Specifications

Course Number: CONMT 40
Units: 3
Course Code: 21350
Instructor: McElvane
Description: Legal nature of contracts

Occupational Work Experience In Construction Management

Course Number: CONMT 466H
Units: 1-4
Course Code: 23914
Instructor: McElvane
Description: Supervised employment providing opportunities in construction management or a related field

Hybrid Courses (Zoom class sessions + Canvas)
Plumbing Code Inspections

Course Number: CONMT 16
Units: 3
Course Code: 21343
Class Information: Lec 6:00-8:50PM W
Instructor: Thomas
Description: Requirements for plumbing code inspections

Seismic Code Inspections

Course Number: CONMT 17
Units: 2.5
Course Code: 21344
Class Information: Lec 6:00-8:15PM Th
Instructor: Thomas
Description: Requirements for new and retrofit buildings

Uniform Building Codes II

Course Number: CONMT 22
Units: 3
Course Code: 21346
Class Information: Lec 6:00-8:50PM M
Instructor: Thomas
Description: Continuation of CONMT 12

Computer Applications In Contracting- Business Management

Course Number: CONMT 31B
Units: 3
Course Code: 21349
Class Information: Lab 7:00-9:50PM M
Instructor: Lynch-McMahon
Description: Construction project-management business operations

Residential Building Codes for Carpenters

Course Number: CONMT 210
Units: 3
Course Code: 21347
Class Information: Lec 6:00-8:50PM T
Instructor: Staff
Description: Building codes applicable to the residential carpenter