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Cosmetology Admission Requirements

Cosmetology Admission Requirements

Due to Shelter in Place Orders and Social Distancing, we are unable to provided Orientation for the Cosmetology Program.Photo by David Hanks

Unfortunately  due to Covid-19, all classes for  Fall 2020 will be for continuing Cosmetology students.  
There are no Summer 2020 classes for Cosmetology.
We expect to accept First level students in Spring of 2021.
Thanks for your interest.


If you are not able to enroll in the Cosmetology Program for Fall 2020, please consider enrolling into the:

Introduction to Cosmetology 245 (2 Units)   Not offered for Fall 2020.

Should Introduction to Cosmetology not be offered, please consider taking classes for the Cosmetology A.A. degree.  See a Laney Counselor in the Tower on the 3rd floor.  You may need to schedule a virtual appointment through the Counseling Department due to Social Distancing Ordinance.


First-time students are required to attend a mandatory orientation meeting in room B-100.  Scheduled as follows: (Orientation for Spring 2021 TBA)

SPRING 2020 Orientation Dates are for FALL 2020 Enrollment:

-Wednesday     March 4th     3:45pm

-Wednesday     April 8th       3:45pm

-Wednesday     April 29th     3:45pm

-Wednesday     May 13th       3:45pm


A grade of “C” or above is required in each prerequisite course to continue in the sequence of course offerings.

Transfer students will be accepted when space is available, providing they have not achieved more than 300 certified hours and apply within a one-year period of withdrawal from a previous school.

Upon completion of the 1600-hour program and completion of all courses with a passing grade, students are eligible to petition for the Certificate of Completion and are qualified to apply for licensing through the California State Board of Barbering and Cosmetology.

You do not need to sign-up for this the Cosmetology Orientation Session, please arrive to our lobby 10 minutes early.

All questions regarding Laney Cosmetology will be answered in Orientation in Building B-100. 

These Orientation meetings are for enrollment to the Fall 2020 Cosmetology Program.

Contact the Cosmetology Department at 510-464-3285 for supplementary application information and forms.