In-Person Drop-in or Appointments

In-Person Drop-in or Appointments

What you need to know to visit Laney College campus

  • We would love to see you in-person for a counseling appointment or for a drop-in meeting, however, you must be prepared to visit Laney in-person.
  • To access on-campus services, you must either:

What to do when you arrive for your appointment or for drop-in

  • Check in the lobby at the Laney Tower (Administration) Building
  • Show your Campus Shield app to a friendly BrightStar Nurse in the Tower Lobby
  • Then, visit the lobby information desk and inform the clerk that you are here for an in-person appointment or for a drop in visit
  • The lobby attendant will inform you when you can go upstairs to 3rd floor to see a counselor.
  • When you arrive on the 3rd floor, you must check in with our Counseling Office Staff and inform them that you are here for an appointment

To schedule an in-person appointment with a counselor:

Option 1 (Call us to make an appointment):

  • Call 510.464.3326. One of our office staff will make an in-person or phone appointment for you.
  • If we miss your call, leave a clear message with your name, student ID number, and your contact phone number.
  • You will receive a call back, possibly from a private or blocked number, because our staff is working from home.
  • At the time of your appointment, your counselor will call you.
  • NOTE: If you need a prerequisite cleared, you do not need an appointment. Visit here to fill out the Request for Prerequisite Clearance Form.

Option 2 (Stop by in-person to make an appointment):