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Counseling Appointment Services

Counseling Appointment Services


Laney College offers a wide range of professional counseling services for enrolled students and prospective students. These services include:



Drop-In counseling is available throughout the day during non-peak times, in the Counseling Department on a first come, first serve basis.  This type of meeting provides the opportunity for students to meet briefly with a counselor without the need to schedule an appointment.

Can my issue be handled in Drop-in?

Drop-in counseling is limited to 10 minutes and is most suitable for questions that have a quick answer.  Some examples include:

  • Pre-requisite clearance
  • Requesting excess units
  • Removing a probation hold.

Certain waivers and petitions can also be completed on a drop-in basis, provided you have all the necessary documentation.  (ie. unofficial transcripts, test scores from other colleges / institutions, etc. )

**More in depth issues, including: Readmission Petition, career exploration and /or creating a Student Educational Plan (SEP) require a scheduled 30 minute appointment. 30 minute appointments can be scheduled at the counseling office front desk T-30, by calling (510) 464-3152 or 3154, or online at: http://laney.edu/counseling/2017/05/08/schedule-counseling-appointment/


  • Providing students with a comprehensive assessment, including academic strengths and needs, to assist them with class selection.
  • Helping students clarify their academic goals, select a major, and develop realistic academic workloads.
  • Providing information on occupational and transfer programs, including general education and major course requirements.
  • Helping students develop educational plans that satisfy graduation and transfer requirements.
  • Assisting students in solving their academic problems such as academic/progress probation, dismissal and providing students with appropriate academic support systems.
  • Providing students with tutorial and academic resources available on the Laney College campus.
  • Offering orientation classes and workshops for new/ returning students and ESL students.
  • Evaluating students college transcripts for graduation and transfer.
  • Consulting with students regarding their rights and responsibilities.


  • Assisting students with developing effective models for making career decisions and setting goals.
  • Exploration of student interests, values and goals.
  • Provide information on current and future employment trend.
  • Teaching courses that emphasize career exploration about career options.


  • Advising students to obtain an associate degree in a specific major.
  • Advising students to obtain an associate degree while transferring to a four-year college.
  • Advising students who plan to earn a vocational certificate in one of Laney Colleges various programs.
  • Preparing students for majors/minors (assist.org) that are offered at the four-year colleges and universities.
  • Teaching courses that emphasize strategies and study skills that lead to successful achievement of goals.


  • Assist students with problems that affect school performance.
  • Refer to campus-based or community psychological services for any ongoing or long-term personal counseling or therapy needs.


  • Laney College provides athletic advising/counseling for approximately 150 men and women student-athletes who compete in seven intercollegiate sports.
  • Advise student-athletes on course selection and requirements that meet NCAA and COA rules and regulations.


  • Counseling staff participates in annual College Day program, which involves students from the various local high schools visiting the Laney College Campus for the first time.
  • Counseling staff members visit the local high schools for recruitment and informational sessions about Laney College.

Preparing for Your Counseling Appointment

The most successful students are those who take responsibility for their own educational progress. This often begins by making an appointment with a counselor. Counselors can help you clarify your educational and career goals and assist you with the development of a Student Educational Plan. You will get the most out of your visit with a counselor if you have thought about a few questions, bring necessary documents and learn some basics about college requirements. Prepare for your counseling appointment by completing the list below:

  1. Complete an Orientation, and take the Math /English Assessments, bring your scores  when you meet with a counselor if you are a new student.
  2. Bring all college transcripts (outside the Peralta District) to your counseling appointment. Unofficial copies are acceptable for advising purposes.
  3. Obtain and read the current class schedule along with the Laney College Catalog; reviewing this information may answer many of your questions.
  4. Consider the information you may need, formulate a few questions, write them down and bring them to your appointment.