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Counseling Student Learning Outcomes

Counseling Student Learning Outcomes

Laney Counseling Department

SLOs/ Student services outcomes


Unit Mission Statement: The mission of the Laney College Counseling Department is to provide students and prospective students with comprehensive academic, career, and personal counseling.  Counselors work with students regarding university transfer, vocational programs, basic skills development, personal/professional enrichment and personal concerns, while helping students develop personal decision making tools.  We value the diversity of our student body and the worth and dignity of each individual.



SLOs/ Student services outcomes.

Students that have used counseling services will be able to:


  1. Apply educational planning in overall academic success; student is able to identify course requirements for ‘general education’ and major.


  1. Navigate the processes that lead to successful transfer to a four year college or university; student is able to demonstrate progress by successfully following SEP.


  1. Understand why he/she is on academic and/or progress probation and the key requirements for returning to good standing:
  • Student can identify the factors that kept them from being successful


  • Student is aware of appropriate classes and support resources.