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Course Search in ASSIST

Course Search in ASSIST

What is a Course Search?

  • A summary in ASSIST that reports courses at other CA community colleges.
  • When faculty choose to propose a course that is for CSU-GE Breadth, IGETC or major requirements or want to update their outlines, they can search other CA community colleges to locate outlines.

How to do a Course Search?

  • Start with Web site: http://info.assist.org
  • Place cursor on Database
  • Click on ASSIST Maintenance Reports
  • Click on Click here to go to the ASSIST Maintenance Reports
  • Type Username: LANEYFAC
  • Type Password: AQUAMARINE
  • On left menu bar click on Course Search
  • Under “institutions” select and click on All Community College Campuses
  • Search in Course Title, e.g. type “Shakespeare”
  • Optional to type minimum and maximum units
  • Scroll down, click on Continue
  • To view outline, click on pdf (some outlines have not been submitted electronically, if not Articulation Officer can get from community college if not a CurricUNET participant)
  • To view General Education Area for IGETC and CSU-GE, click on curric
  • Remember to “Log-Off” when finished


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