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Laney College

Camps & Workshops

The Curriculum committee holds camps and workshops to better serve our faculty.  These dates are subject to change, so check back.  Also, we will have drop in dates during the week.   We will anounce the rooms during the semester.


Are you already working on a proposal for a program or course? Do you want to get started?  Come to CurricuCamp:

Friday, August 25  12-2 in the TTLC (T-513)

Friday, September 8th & 22nd 12-2 in the TTLC (T-513)

Friday, October 13th & 27th 12-2 in the TTLC (T-513)

Wednesday, November 8th, 15th, & 29th 12-2 in the TTLC (T-513)

Friday, December 8th 12-2 in the TTLC (T-513)

WORKSHOPS: Specific help

Workshops and drop-in TTLC T513

September 13th Wednesdays: 12-12:50 in the TTLC ,
Getting start on META: How to do a search, create a proposal, and update a textbook. 

Drop in: We are also available for specific help, so come on by!


Wednesdays: I am in A236 from 1-3 for faculty drop in.  I am in my office at 4 for office hours and generally stay until 6pm.  Please stop by.  I have chocolate.


First Drop in: Thursday, August 24th, 11-1