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Building a New Course

Building a New Course

These videos illustrate information for inputting information in META.


Login to META

Click on “Create Proposal.”

Select Proposal Type “Laney New Course.”

Complete the “Minimum Requirements” page.

To select a course number, refer to the Uniform Course Numbering System. Also search your Discipline’s historical courses to be sure that the number you have chosen has not been used in the past.

Course descriptions have to be worded in a specific way:

Start with an adjective or noun do not use “a”, “an” or “the course”. After the first general phrase, put a colon and start the next word with a capital letter. Use mostly descriptive terms, no verbs and very few articles. They should be 50 words or less. Variable levels should show separate description for each level.

Then work down the tabs on the left side of the screen to complete the required information for the proposal.

A yellow square on a tab indicates that more information is still needed before you can launch the proposal.

When the required information is complete, this square will turn green.

If you need guidance in selecting a TOP code, refer to the Taxonomy of Programs.

Before you write your Student Performance Objectives and SLOs, study Bloom’s Taxonomy and the Rubric for Outcomes Approval with Examples.

Performance Objectives and SLOs must begin with verbs that describe observable and measurable behaviors on the part of the students. Try emphasize skills as high on the Bloom’s scale as you can.

SLOs are fewer and more general in nature than Performance Objectives.



The next two pages in the course outline refer to Distance Education. If you plan to offer the course partly or entirely online, review the Distance Learning page on this website.