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This is where we will put information to help Faculty navigate the curriculum process.

The PCAH: Program Course and Approval Handbook 7th Edition

Peralta PCAH: Program and Course Approval Handbook 4th Edition


Some starter items to think about when creating new curriculum:

  1.  Is it in your Program Review plans/goals?   (Has your department discussed this curriculum as part of the goals or plans for your department?)
  2. Have you met with your Dean to discuss the viability of the curriculum?  (Resource needs: faculty, equipment, $$, facilities, additional staff, etc.?)
  3. Is the curriculum being offered at another Peralta Campus?
    1. If so, please fill out the below Consultation Form and send to the sister college department chair.           PCCD Curriculum Consultation Request-update
  4. Have you consulted with the Librarian to ensure library resources are adequate for the needs of the course?
  5. These are just a few starter points for developing curriculum.  Please visit with your Curriculum Chair or a Curriculum team member for additional information on developing curriculum.

Taxonomy of Programs (TOP code)

Uniform Course Numbering (UCN) System

Discipline Minimum Qualification Report

DE Peralta Resources

District website for Curriculum Resources

State links

Emergency readiness and FERPA guidelines  REMS_IHE_Guide_508

Westlaw (where you find Ed code-California code of regulations):




What Goes to CIPD and What Doesn’t?

CTE Courses and Programs

Rubric for Outcomes Approval with Examples