Dance on Fallon

We teach from our studio space, D-100. Online virtual classes continue through Spring 2021. Our dance studio is located at Laney College, 900 Fallon Street, Oakland, CA. 94607. The synergy in our studio is affectionately known as “Dancing on Fallon.”

Why Dance at Laney College?

Laney is a great place to learn because it is a diverse, urban community college committed to student learning. Our learner-centered college provides access to quality transfer and career- technical education, foundation skills and support services. These educational opportunities respond to the cultural, economic, social, and workforce needs of the greater Bay Area and increase community partnerships and global awareness.

What else can you tell me about “Dancing on Fallon” and the Laney Dance Program?

  • We are an inclusive community of people who love movement and harness the joy of dance to better our lives.
  • We collaborate with artist professionals and community organizations to leverage high impact learning experiences.
  • We are creative individuals who collectively come together to share space where the discovery of talent and expression of ideas through movement, sound, and other forms come alive.

Our mission is to provide an extensive curriculum in dance theory and practice that is socially and culturally inclusive through which students can experience a wide range of dance perspectives, genres, develop their choreographic voice, and explore freedom of movement while preserving the history and integrity of the dance discipline.

The totality of our program offerings are designed to emphasize movement expression, technical development, mindful body awareness and reflective practice including social justice responsiveness to fully engage in the creative process!