Laney College

DSPS Contact Information

DSPS Contact Information

Disability Resource Center E-251
(510) 464-3328

Front Desk: Chandra Johnson-Malone
(510) 464-3428

Coordinator-Counselor: Nate Failing
(510) 464-3431

Counselor: Miriam Zamora-Kantor
(510) 464-3430

Counselor: Jessica Owyoung

Counselor: Irina Rivkin
(510) 986-6921

Counselor: Sidney Wong

Counselor: Dr. Jim Gioia


Deaf Services E-251  (510) 464-3299

Coordinator: Serwa Dadzie


Alternate Media and Assistive Technology E-251
Please fill out the Request form 

Alternate Media Technology and Assistive Technology Specialists:

Alexandra Cipher

Peter Vorachit

Kim Cael


High Tech Center E-261 (510) 464-3427 (email only)

Instructor: Paula Shoenecker

Instructor: Sidney Wong

Instructional Assistant: Kim Cael


The DSPS office has staff that are sensitive to fragrances: cologne, perfume, and scented lotions. Please be aware of that when coming for your appointments. We are here to serve everyone!