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Test Proctoring and Tutoring Services

Test Proctoring and Tutoring Services

Test Proctoring

As we are now conducting classes online, there will be no onsite testing. Testing will take place with your instructor, who will provide you extra time.

To take a test with extra time:

  1. Email your instructor, let them know you are a DSPS student and need extra time to take the exam. Please be sure to include your name and student i.d. number and a copy of your accommodations.

  2. Copy (cc): on the email

Please let us know right away if your exam does not show extended time.

Instructors who have students eligible for testing accommodations at DSPS (checked with an asterisk on the Academic Accommodation Authorization Letter) should contact Nate Failing (DSPS-coordinator) at Tests can be emailed or brought in person (E-251).

**Students are asked to schedule the test with DSPS at least 5 days in advance. Students will take a green sheet to give to the instructor.



**currently we are able to proctor via zoom on a very limited basis, and there has to be at least 5 days advanced knowledge of the need to be proctored.


Students who are eligible for specialized tutoring services at DSPS can contact Nate Failing ( for an appointment.

Tutoring for all DSPS students in Math and English is available in the High Tech Center E261, Mondays thru Thursdays (510) 464-3427. Please check the hours before arriving.

English: 12-5pm  Monday thru Thursday

Math: 9-5pm    Monday thru Thursday


**The DSPS office has staff that are sensitive to fragrances: cologne, perfume, and scented lotions. Please be aware of that when coming for your appointments. We are here to serve everyone!