Refrigeration Technology

Refrigeration Technology

Refrigeration Technology

This certificate covers techniques ranging from design, installation, troubleshooting, understanding capacity controls, and managing multiplex and multistage systems. Students will cover the basics of installation and operation as well as more advanced concepts like servicing, multiplex and multistage systems, and diagnostic procedures.

Certificate of Achievement

Total Units: 16.5
Average Length: 1 years
Subject # Title Units
E/ET 202 Fundamentals of Electricity for ECT 2.0
ECT 013 Fundamentals of Refrigeration 4.0
ECT 211 Mechanical and Electrical Codes 1.5
ECT 012 Blueprint Reading and Interpretation for ECT 1.5
ECT 214 Technical Mathematics for ECT 3.0
ECT 015 Advanced Refrigeration & Troubleshooting 3.0
WELD 215 Welding for ECT Technicians 1.5

(16.5 units)

Refrigeration Technology is a certificate offering the theoretical, technical, and problem-solving skills essential for employment in the air conditioning and refrigeration industries. Students completing the suggested curriculum can seek employment as air conditioning installers, refrigeration technicians, and building engineers.

Career Opportunities
building engineer, warehouse specialist, opportunities at the Port area.

Program Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

  1. Safe use of materials: Demonstrate proper and safe use of chemicals, combustible materials, electricity, high-pressure gases, climbing ladders and lifting heavy objects.
  2. Explain concepts related to refrigeration: Explain the theory of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning and the physical properties of components and devices.
  3. Demonstrate critical thinking, interpersonal, writing, and reading skills working with team members and