Laney College

Building Automation Program

Building Automation Program

Certificate and Degree in Building Automation Systems

Industry is seeing a growing demand for a workforce that combines some of the traditional skill sets of building technicians with advanced skills in controls programming, networking, and systems integration. “Control Technicians” or “Building Automation Technicians” present an emerging and rapidly expanding market of high-wage employment for community college graduates. Their skill sets will also be needed for increasing green workforce demands to implement energy management, efficiency and sustainability measures in buildings.

Laney has developed an in-depth curricular pathway for students to gain expertise in maintaining, programming, and troubleshooting building control systems. Energy efficiency theory and best practices are interwoven throughout the entire course sequence. See the list of courses and course descriptions.

Supported by an “Industry-Driven Regional Collaboratives” (IDRC) grant from the State Chancellor’s Office Economic Workforce Development Initiative (EWD) and a National Science Foundation Advanced Technology Education grant.




Multi-Vendor Controls Lab

A state-of-the art multi-vendor training lab, as well as a real-life commercial HVAC system equipped with the latest controls and protocols, will allow students to simulate on-the-job challenges. Read more here on the multi-vendor building controls lab.