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Hybrid Resources

Hybrid Resources

Our job coaches are here, standing by to help 1 on 1, with your career exploration and job search.

Furthermore, we have partnered with SparkPoint to offer you Financial Literacy and Tax Preparation assistance.

Please email for an appointment with Susie O’Bryant or Cheryl Maier.  

Not sure about career paths you may be interested in?

Gets some idea/hints from taking the 16 personalities test and see what could potentially be the best-suited career for you!

1. Resume

We all agree that a resume is the first and foremost element that leads you to your desire employers, but a good one can get you steps closer and land you interview opportunities!


Step 1: Creating a resume:


Step 2:  Perfecting your resume:


2. Interview preparation

YouTube is your best friend when it comes to preparing an in-person interview.

An interview is more than just answering questions. Your attitude and body language can greatly impact your performance too.