Laney College





The Employment Services Center offers the following workshops in room T-201 during Fall 2017 Semester

Resume/Cover Letter Workshop

This comprehensive workshop will help you create more effective résumés and cover letters that highlight your skills and qualifications. We will cover the basics of résumé writing: purpose, format, effective content, and how to target your résumé to specific jobs.

Why is a cover letter so important? Over half of employers require them as standard in considering you for a job. It is the first introduction of who you are. Learn how to use simple techniques to craft a custom cover letter for every job you apply to. Learn key words and action verbs to get hiring managers to take notice of you!

LinkedIn Workshop

This workshop will help you on how to create a LinkedIn account along with navigating the website. It is very useful to connect with others because their connections can one day, potentially help you find a job. There are also job postings on LinkedIn as well.

Interview Workshop  

Wish you were more confident and prepared for job interviews? This workshop will cover interview preparation, types of interviews, crafting answers to common questions and follow-up. You will learn how to use examples to answer questions more effectively.

Dress for Success  
First impressions count. We are quick to make assumptions, and categorize people by what we see. Learn how to present yourself for a winning interview and beyond!