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How to Order Books

How to Order Books

The Laney College Bookstore, located downstairs in the Student Center, works with the Follett Higher Education Group (FHEG) which, according to their website, is the leading campus retailer and largest wholesaler for local and online campus store operations. Our bookstore makes ordering texts easy and convenient by putting nearly-completed order forms in our mailboxes, and by accepting orders five different ways. Following a few simple guidelines will ensure a successful and timely book-ordering process that makes our lives easier and enables to promote student success.


Well before the semester ends, bookstore personnel place “Course Adoption Information” forms in each of our boxes, a separate one for each course that we teach. (If you teach multiple sections of a course, you will receive a separate form for each one.) To make our jobs easy, the forms are preprinted with:

  • the Laney College Bookstore name
  • the term (fall, spring, or summer)
  • the department
  • course number
  • section number
  • professor’s name
  • date the bookstore staff prepared the form
  • date by which you should return it
  • the class start date
  • estimated enrollment
  • actual enrollment at the time the form was printed
  • identifying information about each text, including edition and ISBN


To make our lives easier, the forms are preprinted with course adoption information for books we have used before. However, the bookstore will not automatically order those texts without confirmation that you are still using them.


For the fall semester, the forms are due to the bookstore before the end of summer session. For spring, they are due the week before Thanksgiving; for summer, before spring break.


For our convenience, we have five options for returning the forms to the bookstore.

  • Return the completed forms to the bookstore mailbox.
  • Return the forms to the bookstore.
  • Fax the forms to 510-452-1425.
  • Email your orders to them at 0225asm@follett.com or 0225txt@follett.com.
  • Call in your orders to 510-464-3514 or 510-464-3515.


To make sure that they order the exact text that you want, be certain to put the correct ISBN for each book on the form.


You do not need to indicate how many books you want; they will determine that number by the estimated and actual enrollment figures.


To ensure as smooth an ordering process as possible and to avoid confusing our students, the bookstore staff asks us:

  • not to tell students that the bookstore has the books before you have submitted your course adoption information. Just because they have preprinted forms showing texts we used in the past does not mean that we haven’t changed our minds and do not want the old ones any longer.
  • Do not give out the ISBNs to students. The bookstore can only continue to provide texts to students at a fair price if they order enough to be profitable.
  • Do provide consistent information to both the students and the bookstore. Do not tell the store that you have not adopted a text while telling students that they can still find it at the bookstore. They only order what we say we need.


Jennifer Bertoni and Jamilah Nottie have many years of experience serving our students at the Laney College Bookstore. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to visit, call, fax or email them there. They are there to help us to help our students get the information they need for success.


Phone: 510-464-3514 or 510-464-3515

Fax: 510-452-1425

Email: 0225asm@follett.com or 0225txt@follett.com



Attached: Sample “Course Adoption Information” forms