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Under and Over Enrolled Courses

Under and Over Enrolled Courses

The Promotion of Courses

Every now and again you may be in the unfortunate position of having very low enrollment for one of your classes. In order for a class to “go” at Laney College you must have a minimum of 20 students. If your class low enrollment then it is your responsibility to campaign for your class to boost numbers. Some things that you can do are; create a dynamic flyer that gets the attention of students. This flyer should indicate whether or not the course is transferrable. Place these flyers around campus—especially in the counselor’s office. Email this flyer to all counselors while letting them know in the body of your email that your class is completely open. Go to the registration line the first week of school and speak directly to students who may need to add a class. Introduce yourself and tell them that you would love to have them in your class. If you utilize these strategies the chances of having your class canceled because of insufficient enrollment will be greatly reduced.


How to Handle an Over-Populated Course

On the first day of class you may have upwards of 40 students in your classroom and each one wants a spot. You will also notice that there will be 34 students enrolled in your class while the labor agreement says that English classes are supposed to accept no more than 30 students. During the first 3 weeks of the class you will be mobbed with add slips and request for permission numbers. Do not even consider adding any students until your class size has dipped below 30. You may allow students to sit in on the class but let them know that their chances of adding are very low. If all of the students who are on your attendance sheet come to the class then you should asks all students who are not enrolled to leave. Having well over 30 students in your class is unfair to the students, it may be overwhelming for you as an instructor, and it could possible lead to severe stress. If there is no space for students then please do not add them.