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The Wellness Center

The Wellness Center

The Wellness Center is an umbrella for mental and physical health services and is now located in two places. In the Student Center 4th Floor there is psychological services, a nurse practitioner, medical testing; Lisa Sawadogo and her interns provide counseling, along with intake and referrals into the community. In the Tower, room 250, there is first aid, health counseling, education, and management, by appointment; Indra Thadani, the director of the Center is available, along with her assistant Veronica Crawford. Situations where a teacher would refer a student to Wellness Center services are many. If there is a medical emergency, one can first call Indra, at the number listed, or just call 911 directly. For emergency psychological help, an instructor should refer the student to the Wellness Center located in the Student Center. Either take the elevator up, located on the left of the cafeteria as you walk in, or walk to the stairwell in the back of the building to get up to the 4th floor. If possible, during a break or after class, taking a student to the center is a way of making sure they get the help they need, because often they will not go themselves. Although there is a schedule for seeing a therapist, often, someone will be available to help in such emergency cases. These constitute: if you speak with a student and they seem depressed or at risk of injuring themselves; are at risk in their own home of being injured mentally or physically; if an outburst in class seems beyond the usual and it would be inappropriate to call security (an option if you feel you and/or the class are at risk). If the student is indeed at risk at home from abuse, they are afraid of talking about it because it would put them and their family at further risk. Perhaps they need testing, or need medication. The Wellness Center has so much to offer.


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