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English Composition Competencies

English Composition Competencies

A student who is ready to move to the next level of composition usually demonstrates mastery of the following:

English 269B to 201A English 201B to English 1A
College Readiness *exhibits self-confidence & positive attitude
*demonstrates appropriate/productive classroom behavior
*demonstrates rudimentary skills in computer literacy/MS Word
Writing Process *utilizes a process  (from pre-writing, drafting, sharing, revising, editing, through proofreading)
Essay Structure *can write at minimum a 500-word, clear and coherent essay reflecting a central idea, with supporting material *can write at minimum a 750-word, clear and coherent essay supporting a thesis through adequately structured paragraphs

*can develop paragraphs using rhetorical modes other than narration

Sentence Structure *generally writes in complete sentences; can recognize run-ons and fragments

*uses coordination & subordination

*writes both simple & complex sentences

*avoids producing run-ons & fragments

*uses a variety of sentence patterns

Grammar & Mechanics *understands how nouns, verbs, adjectives & adverbs function in a sentence

*makes few errors in subject-verb and pronoun-antecedent agreement

*writes essays which are relatively free of errors in areas such as verb and pronoun usage

*makes only a few punctuation errors as appropriate to sentence level skills above

Reading *demonstrates phonetic & morpheme awareness

*uses a variety of reading strategies (pre-reading questioning, SQ3R, clarifying, annotating & others)

*reads at 8th grade level or above

*reads at 10th grade level or above
Critical Thinking *can identify general vs. specific statements

* can make personal connections to the text

*demonstrates in writing critical thinking skills such as identifying main ideas & supporting details, distinguishing fact from opinion, inferring & drawing conclusions from readings