Supporting Student Success

Supporting Student Success

The Laney College English Department faculty are committed to serving students in the best ways we can — and to constantly striving to learn how to serve students better!

For Fall 2020, students can access lots of support services listed and linked here:

Six Success Factors

Here is one framework we want students and everyone to know we have adopted in our department:

In a survey of almost 900 students from 13 California community colleges, this is what students said supports their educational success: The Six Success Factors — Click the link or the blurry graphic for a NON-BLURRY graphic!

What can faculty members do to support student success? For one thing, we can BE RESPONSIVE TO STUDENTS.

Here, for everyone’s sake, are Ten Ways Faculty Can Support Student Success.

Here is where you can read more about the RP Group’s research underlying the six success factors.