Laney College

Reading and Writing Resources

Reading and Writing Resources

Academic Writing Resources

UNC Writing Center — Their ‘handouts’ offer strong, updated advice for astute reading and writing, categorized and very thorough. (Thanks from NorCal, NorCar!) Here is their excellent ‘handout’ on Annotated Bibliographies:

The OWL: Online Writing Lab at Purdue University — the ‘traditional’, very useful web-based resource for college writing (Thank you, OWL!)

Rhetoric and Composition — an open access, Creative Commons-licensed online writer’s guide (Thank you, Commons!)

They Say / I Say — a key rhetoric/writing text that shows great examples of how to phrase ideas with respect to ongoing public discourse. 4th Edition, with Readings. (Thanks, Graff, Birkenstein & Durst!)

Literature & Creative Writing Resources

Project Gutenberg:  TONS of FREE online books, including literary classics GOBS of poetry, poets’ biographies and critical essays

Poets & Writers: Resources for writers including suggestions on publishing

Short Story ideas: Fun, quick way to get a ‘nudge’ toward dreaming up a story idea