Laney College

Tutoring Resources

Tutoring Resources

Laney offers tutoring services in many areas of study.

Drop-in tutoring in English and ESL is available in the James Oliver Writing Center in B-260.

The usual schedule is M-Th 9-8, F 9-3. 

Information about tutoring services for other academic fields can be found at

Writing Center tutors are trained to assist students at all stages of the composing process, from selecting topics and organizing ideas through drafting and editing.  They will not proofread or “correct” student essays, but they can provide grammar instruction and help students recognize errors. Each tutoring session lasts 20 minutes.

English instructors may suggest or require that students visit the Writing Center to work on particular aspects of writing.  The Tutoring Session Sign-Up Forms enable instructors to specify these aspects.  (One form lists a wide variety of writing issues; the other focuses on grammar.)  The forms also encourage students to be responsible for their own learning by asking them to describe their personal goals for the tutoring session as well as the steps they have already taken to work on an assignment or address grammatical errors.