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Judy Juanita, Life is a Carousel

Judy Juanita, Life is a Carousel


Life is a Carousel by Laney English Instructor Judy Juanita, is a new play that will be read at Oakland Public Library-main, Wednesday evening, Feb. 25th,  6-7:30 pm as part of Laney College’s Black History Month 2015 celebration.

Judy Juanita was born in Berkeley, raised in Oakland and became Editor in Chief of the Black Panther Party newspaper, before becoming the youngest faculty member of the nation’s first Black Studies Program at SFSU.  She has written 13 plays and a novel Virgin Soul. This play, Life is a Carousel, features Layla, a black academic on her way to a convention, and Diahlo, once famous as the founder of Black Studies, sparring with reservation agents in a deserted airport terminal; Diahlo and Layla meet at the convention venue where blatant disregard for him continues.

The play is 50-55 minutes long –there will be an opportunity to discuss it afterwards. Join us for an interesting evening of reflection on the major shifts in culture in the last 4 decades.

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