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Laney College

CalWORKs Getting Started

CalWORKs Getting Started

These following steps are required in order to prepare you for getting starting:

The CalWORKs Office at Laney College

  • Make an appointment for Intake and Orientation
  • Must bring verification of cash/grant/eligibility
  • Copy of class schedule, if registered
  • Meet with CalWORKs Counselor to complete the Verification of Education & Training Form
  • Review county/ college forms in order to receive supportive services
  • Ensure childcare needs are being met for classes and work activity
  • Carreer Counseling and Needs Assessment
  • Meet with CalWORKs Counselor to develop a Student Education Plan (SEP)
  • Review Welfare-to-Work plan for compliance with¬†county regulations
  • Work with Counselor if hours are not suffcient to meet county requirements
  • Must complete a monthly progress report for the county

The College

  • Apply to Laney College
  • Meet with CalWORKs Counselor for academic planning
  • Register for¬†classes
  • Attend English and Math assessments
  • Apply for Financial Aid
  • Apply for EOPS/CARE
  • Attend a new student orientation

The County Offices

  • Notify the County of attendance at Laney College (LaneyWORKs office will assist with this process)

Book and Supplies Assistance

In order to receive supportive services such as childcare, books and supplies assistance and transportation you must complete and turn in the following forms to the CalWORKs office:

  • Books and Supplies Form (available online-see CalWORKs Form link)
  • Verification of books/supplies for classes online at efollet Laney Bookstore (available online-see Laney Bookstore link)
  • Copy of your current class schedule