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Laney CalWORKs Work-Study Program

Laney CalWORKs Work-Study Program

LaneyWORKs Work-Study Program

The goal of the LaneyWORKs work-study program is to provide CalWORKs students with employment opportunities while pursuing their educational programs. The LaneyWORKs Program allows students to develop valuable job skills and meet state requirements for participation. See our brochure and flyer.

Getting Started

CalWORKs students seeking employment should arrange a time to meet with LaneyWORKs staff for initial evaluation and career consultation.

Currently employed students may not be able to participate in the work-study program. The CalWORKs staff is able to coordinate with existing employers to bring students into the LaneyWORKs work-study program and can verify work activity for the county. This benefits the employers, students and county agencies.

For more information, contact Benita Baines, CalWORKs Director, (510) 986-6923 or bbaines@peralta.edu