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Keeping Students Connected: OUSD Graduates 2020

Keeping Students Connected: OUSD Graduates 2020


Laney College is pleased to have support from the Stupski Foundation to provide 12-months of free internet and a personal laptop or desktop computer for eligible OUSD 2020 graduates.


  • Registered for at least 3 units for Fall 2020 at Laney College AND
  • NOT a current Comcast/Xfinity subscriber

As part of the “Keeping Students Connected Fund”, we are pleased to partner with Comcast’s Internet Essentials Program to provide:

  • Free High-speed internet service (25/3 Mbps) for 12-months. Following the first 12-months, you will only be charged directly for ongoing internet service at $9.95 + tax per month.
  • Access to 40 hours of Xfinity WiFi hotspots (Internet outside the home) every month.
  • A refurbished computer that includes Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel etc.) Norton Antivirus, and a 90-day warranty. Your award covers the cost of a laptop or desktop at $149.99 +tax rate. 
  • The option to participate in free online or in-person digital skills trainings through Comcast’s network of local partners. More information available at


Please contact Laney Staff with questions or concerns:

Katrina Santos
Staff Assistant

Arlene Lontoc
Staff Assistant