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Financial Aid Announcements

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The IRS Data Retrieval Tool on fafsa.gov and StudentLoans.gov  that send parent’s and student’s tax data to online filling is currently unavailable. According to US Department of Education’s announcement, the tool has been taken offline for security concerns. Please refer to the US Department of Education’s website for more information.

This won’t hinder the ability to apply for financial aid. FAFSA applicants can complete their Fafsa by manually inputting the relevant IRS income and tax information, as can IDR applicants. Financial Aid office will ask students to turn in either their IRD Tax Return or IRD Tax Return Transcript to our office. FAFSA applicants can order their Tax Return Transcript online or in person from local IRS office. Financial Aid Office at Laney College will be here to help students who are confused or have difficulty completing their Fafsa Applications. Students that need help with their applications can come to our weekly Financial Aid Workshops or visit our office during office hours.

Laney College Financial Aid Department Newsletter
Summer 2017
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