Gateway to College Center – Alternative High School

Alternative High School - 190 HS Credit Program

Interested in Attending an Alternative High School focused on Accelerating/Graduating “At Promise” Students ? 

Our Alternative High School Program Strives to support “At Promise”  High School students holistically in finding their life goals while completing their high school diploma. Students attending the (GtC) Alternative High School are either behind with graduating and/or have dropped out of High School. Students would be required to attend (GtC) Alternative High School as a full time student and take college courses to complete their OUSD High School Diploma.


  • Complete your High School Diploma with only 190 High School Credits
  • Receive an Accredited OUSD High School Diploma Upon Completion
  • Comprehensive Student Service Support
  • FREE Class Materials and Supplies
  • FREE Textbooks
  • College Classes Catered to your Life Schedule

The program promotes student success and readiness by grouping students into learning communities for their first term, offering intensive literacy development, maintaining rigorous academic standards, and providing individualized support. After successfully completing the initial Foundation term, students will transition to taking classes with the general student population. Students will focus their studies in a “pathway” or major that is aligned with high school completion requirements and college degree or certificate requirements. To keep students on the right track to success, one-on-one support is provided by dedicated GtC counselors. All GtC classes are college classes, and the program is fully integrated with Laney College.



Eligibility Check List:

– Be between the age of (16 – 20) and graduate with their High School Diploma by the time the student is 21 years old

– Gateway to College is targeted to students 16 to 20 years old who have left high school without a diploma OR who are behind in high school credits for age or grade level

– Students must live within Alameda County to be eligible

– Students must have an eighth grade reading level in order to qualify for Gateway to College

– Be able to attend Welcome Week prior to the beginning of the Fall semester

– Be able to attend as full time High School Student

– ONLY “AT Promise” Students are eligible to Apply

    • Must be behind in expected graduation


Cohort Model

Due to the transition to online student services, Gateway to College students are assigned to a designated Success Coach. Success Coaches will contact students within their cohorts to schedule one on one appointments. 

Purpose of Meetings:

To give current GTC students ongoing Online Student Support through weekly one on one check ins. One on One check in’s are mandatory for current GTC students and will be counted toward their attendance throughout the semester.

Duration of Meetings:

A Mandatory one on one Zoom Meeting  or Phone call Check-In which will range from 15 to 20 minutes.

How many times do current GTC students need to meet ?

Current GTC Students are required to meet with their designated Success Coach Once a Week. GTC students will be responsible to check-in either through video conference or by phone.


Additional Program Details

1.      Complete our Interest From: Click Here to Fill Out Interest Form



2.      College Courses are from January  23rd, 2023  – May 27th, 2023, with Welcome Week Orientation from January 17th through January 20th.



3.      Each student will work with a designated Gateway Center Staff throughout the Semester

a.       One on One Student Check In’s

b.      Support with Homework and Class Assignments

c.       Academic Coaching Support

d.      Guidance and mentorship of the college environment

e.      Free school supplies, while supplies last



4.      Accepted students would need to meet with our Gateway to College Counselor, Choose a Major of Choice and Select College Courses geared towards their High School Diploma Completion.



5.      Attending Friday Community Programming Workshops are meant to support students with exploring what it takes to be a college student, while creating a sense of belonging and community building. Students are REQUIRED to attend at least ONE WORKSHOP. Workshop dates and times will be provided at Program Orientation.



6.      The Gateway Center will be providing Tutoring Support for students who will be taking College courses throughout the duration of the Semester. Check in with your designated Success Coach for more information



7.      FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL (510) – 700 – 0096  OR EMAIL Gateway Center PROGRAM SUPPORT 

Important: Students who participate in  Programming will be required to be FULLY VACCINATED or be eligible for an exemption to participate.