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Insurance Resources

Insurance Resources

Student Health Insurance


Insurance Resources

The information on this page is offered as a student resource.

A sampling of student health insurance brochures and a list of resources to assist you in making a decision about health insurance are available in the Health Center. There are many other insurance companies offering plans that may meet your health insurance needs.
Links to the California Medical Association and to the California Office of the Patient Advocate
are provided at the bottom of this page to help you in choosing a plan.
Health Plan Phone Number Website
Student Health Insurance Plan underwritten by ACE American Insurance Company
(Has optional Dental Coverage)

Other Companies that offer Student or Individual Plans
The Sentry Student Security Plan
(EJ Smith & Associates)
(Has optional Dental Coverage)
AACC-SI Community College Plan
(Student Insurance Agency)
Blue Cross of California 1-800-777-6000
Blue Shield of California 1-800-433-8284
Kaiser Permanente 1-800-464-4000


Dental Plans
(Also See Student Plans above for optional plans)


Dental Plan Phone Number Website
Access Dental
(Offers Student Discount)
Smile Choice
(Student Dental Plan 100)

Need Help Choosing an Insurance Plan or HMO?

   California’s office of the Patient Advocate
   California Medical Association