Laney College



Community Hotlines


AIDS 1-800-342-AIDS (2437)
AIDS: Clinical Trials Information 1-800-874-2572
AIDS/HIV NIGHTLINE: 5 PM TO 5 AM (emotional support) 1-800-273-AIDS (2437)
Cancer and Diet Recommendations 1-800-843-8114
Cancer Information and Referral 1-800-525-3777
Child Protective Services: Child Abuse Reporting 1-510-259-1800
Crisis line for handicapped 1-800-426-4263
Crisis Support Services: Suicide Prevention and Crisis Intervention
·          Oakland/Berkeley
·          San Leandro/Hayward
Domestic Violence: Open 24 hours/day 1-510-536-7233
Incest Survivors Anonymous 1-510-841-0585
Lesbian/Gay Sexual Minority Switchboard: Lavender Line 1-510-841-6224
National Council on Alcoholism, Drugs, and Addiction 1-415-296-9900
Nutrition: Recorded information on food and nutrition.  Referral to dietitian. 1-800-366-1655
Nutrition Hotline Information: on diet & nutrition.  For everyone, including people with cancer. 1-800-843-8114
Overeaters Anonymous 1-510-273-9292
Nutrition advice form a Registered Dietitian (.95 for first minute, $0.95 for each additional minute) 1-900-225-5267
Parental Stress: Oakland 1-510-893-5444
Parental Stress: Hayward 1-510-582-0148
Poison Control 1-800-523-2222
Sexual Assault :Bay Area Women Against Rape 1-510-845-7273
Sexual Assault :Highland Hospital Sexual Assault Center 1-510-437-4574
Sexually Transmitted Diseases 1-800-227-8922
Shelters: BOSS: Family Shelter for women and children 1-510-649-4965
Shelters: East Oakland Switchboard 1-510-569-6369
Teen to Teen Hotline: 5 –9 PM Contra Costa County 1-877-945-8336
Youth Crisis Hotline: 24 hours/day 1-800-448-4663


Eden Information and Referral:  For all community services in the East Bay, including emergency shelter and food.  8-4 pm. 1-510-537-2552
Helpline:  All community services in the Bay Area. 8 – 6 PM 1-415-772-HELP
Yellow Pages of Pacific Bell Telephone Book:  Located under ‘Community Services’ section in the front of the directory.  Many agencies providing all kinds of needed health and social serves are listed