Laney College



Community Hotlines


AIDS 1-800-342-AIDS (2437)
AIDS: Clinical Trials Information 1-800-874-2572
AIDS/HIV NIGHTLINE: 5 PM TO 5 AM (emotional support) 1-800-273-AIDS (2437)
Cancer and Diet Recommendations 1-800-843-8114
Cancer Information and Referral 1-800-525-3777
Child Protective Services: Child Abuse Reporting 1-510-259-1800
Crisis line for handicapped 1-800-426-4263
Crisis Support Services: Suicide Prevention and Crisis Intervention
·          Oakland/Berkeley
·          San Leandro/Hayward
Domestic Violence: Open 24 hours/day 1-510-536-7233
Incest Survivors Anonymous 1-510-841-0585
Lesbian/Gay Sexual Minority Switchboard: Lavender Line 1-510-841-6224
National Council on Alcoholism, Drugs, and Addiction 1-415-296-9900
Nutrition: Recorded information on food and nutrition.  Referral to dietitian. 1-800-366-1655
Nutrition Hotline Information: on diet & nutrition.  For everyone, including people with cancer. 1-800-843-8114
Overeaters Anonymous 1-510-273-9292
Nutrition advice form a Registered Dietitian (.95 for first minute, $0.95 for each additional minute) 1-900-225-5267
Parental Stress: Oakland 1-510-893-5444
Parental Stress: Hayward 1-510-582-0148
Poison Control 1-800-523-2222
Sexual Assault :Bay Area Women Against Rape 1-510-845-7273
Sexual Assault :Highland Hospital Sexual Assault Center 1-510-437-4574
Sexually Transmitted Diseases 1-800-227-8922
Shelters: BOSS: Family Shelter for women and children 1-510-649-4965
Shelters: East Oakland Switchboard 1-510-569-6369
Teen to Teen Hotline: 5 –9 PM Contra Costa County 1-877-945-8336
Youth Crisis Hotline: 24 hours/day 1-800-448-4663


Eden Information and Referral:  For all community services in the East Bay, including emergency shelter and food.  8-4 pm. 1-510-537-2552
Helpline:  All community services in the Bay Area. 8 – 6 PM 1-415-772-HELP
Yellow Pages of Pacific Bell Telephone Book:  Located under ‘Community Services’ section in the front of the directory.  Many agencies providing all kinds of needed health and social serves are listed


During this time, we are offering limited services, remotely.

Request an appointment for Laney Mental Health Services here.

For comprehensive Health Services, please refer to our partner location at the Roots Community Health Center.

Hours: Mon - Fri 9-5pm

For questions regarding the Wellness Center, please email: Indra Thadani RN, MS at or call 415-942-0181.