Laney College

COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 Resources


All students coming to campus must:

  1. Submit COVID-19 vaccination proof or exemption.
  2. Complete the COVID Health Assessment on Campus Shield app before every visit to campus.
  3. Visit the Tower Building to receive a wristband, granting access to campus buildings for the day.

Forms for students who feel they are exempt from taking the vaccine:

Religious Exception Accommodation Form

Medical Exception Form

Certification from Medical Professional Form

Instructions for Entering Vaccination Status

1. Go to to log in to your Student Homepage:

2. In the student Center click on the tile Student Vaccination Tracker

3. Select the Vaccination Status in Student Vaccination Tracker

4. Select the Vaccination Name

If you are vaccinated outside United States, please select “Other International” as Vaccine Name and system will prompt you to enter Vaccine Company Name.

5. Click on Record Vaccination Details Push button

6. Enter Vaccination Type, Vaccination Date, Comments.

7. Click on Add Attachment Push button to upload Vaccination Proof.

8. Once you save the details, you will receive a confirmation email in few minutes