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Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Alcohol and Drug Abuse


Each of these agencies will provide the caller with a list of meeting times and places located in the Bay Area.  Meetings are held at least once a day in many locations.  Meetings are self-help, anonymous and free.

Referral service for all self-help groups 1-800-273-6222


Narcotics Anonymous (NA): Self-help program of recovery for individualswith drug problems.  (510) 444-4673; www.naalamedacounty.org and www.sfna.org

Nar-Anon: Self-help program of recovery for those in a relationship with individuals who have  drug problems.  (510) 526-2455


Alcoholics Anonymous (AA): Self-help program of recovery for individualswith alcohol problems.  (510) 839-8900, www.eastbayaa.org

Al-Anon: Self-help program of recovery for those in relationship with individuals who have alcohol problems. (510) 276-2270

Co-Dependency Anonymous (C.O.D.A): Self help program of recovery for adults who have co-dependency issues.  (510) 835-6327(for meetings)  (415) 905-6331 (for information)

Adult Children of Alcoholics (A.C.A): Self-help programs of recovery for individuals whose parent (s) have/had and alcohol problem alcohol problems. (510) 886-8696