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Institutional Effectiveness Committee

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The Institutional Effectiveness Committee reports to the College Council.


To ensure that the college’s strategic planning process is sound, collaborative, evidence-based, and sustainable; and that the Strategic Plan guides decision-making and activities that support improvement of institutional effectiveness and both student learning and success.

As a key component of achieving the goals outlined in the Strategic Plan, the integrated planning and resource allocation model, coupled with ongoing
reviews of programs and services, provide systematic data-driven information that allows the college to examine the overall effectiveness of the institution. Therefore, the Committee is responsible for ensuring:

  • Ongoing and systematic evaluation of identified goals and planning to refine key processes and improve student learning.
  • Dialogue about institutional effectiveness is ongoing, robust, and pervasive.
  • Data and analyses are widely communicated and used throughout the institution.
  • Ongoing review, evaluation and adaptation of planning processes.
  • Consistent and continuous commitment to improving student learning and success.
  • Educational effectiveness is a demonstrable priority in all planning structures and processes.


  • Inform and engage the campus community in strategic planning.
  • Evaluate all progress on the Strategic Plan and the strategic planning process annually and recommend revisions as appropriate.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the college‚Äôs planning and resource allocation model and participatory governance committees and recommend revisions as appropriate.
  • Validate and provide feedback on the quality of program review documents submitted by the reviewing units.

Meeting Times

1st and 3rd Thursday of the month, 3:00-4:30 p.m., T-801

While the college is closed, the IEC is meeting via Zoom. Check Laney’s BoardDocs site for past and upcoming meetings, agendas, minutes, and other documents.

Absence Policy

After two (2) unexcused absences, the chair will notify the constituency group leadership for possible reappointment.