Laney College

2020-21 Membership

2020-21 Membership


Vice President of Instruction Mark Fields
Classified/Faculty/Student Atiya Rashada



Administrators (3) Rupinder Bahtia
Amy Marshall
Derek Pinto
Faculty (3) Rebecca Bailey/Heather Sisneros
Fred Bourgoin
Suzan Tiemroth-Zavala
Classified (3) Clifton Coleman
Atiya Rashada
Iolani Sodhy-Gereben
Students (3) vacant
Accreditation Coordinator Chris Weidenbach


Administrators are appointment for 2 years by the College President. Faculty are appointed for 2 years by the Faculty Senate President. Classified Professionals are appointed for 2 years by the Classified Senate President. Students are appointed for 1 year by the ASLC President.

The non-administrative co-chair is chosen by the committee for a 2-year term. The position is to rotate among Classified, Faculty, and Students.

All 2-year appointments are to staggered as much as possible to ensure continuity.