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2023-2024 Program Review

2023-2024 Program Review Information & Resources

Program Review is a planning process which creates a document that shows the current state of a unit, how a unit is connected to the college and community and explains how a unit wants to move forward in the next few years.

All program reviews are completed and stored in CurrIQunet META.

Updates & Announcements

9/19/23: Sign up sheet has more dates and times added. Sign up today!     Program Review Help Session Sign up Sheet.docx

All program reviews are due by October 23, 2023 at 11:59pm.

Program Review Cycle 2023-2024
Laney Program Review Timeline 2023-2024

Program Review Cycle

Laney College is on a four-year program review cycle. A program is an umbrella term that includes: Instructional Departments, Administrative Units, Student Services Units, and Student Services Units with Instruction. A program completes a comprehensive program review (CPR) every four years and an annual program review (APR) each of the interim three years. Download the Program Review Cycle by clicking on the image to the left to find out what Program Review year your unit is in.

Timeline & Key Dates

All program reviews are due by October 23rd, 2023 at 11:59pm. Download the Program Review Timeline for an overview of key dates.

Use the rubrics below to guide your program review responses.  At the bottom of each rubric is a list of “minimum requirements”. These are the minimum requirements needed to pass the validation process and have resource requests forwarded to the resource prioritization committees.

Click on an image to open the PDF version.

Annual Program Review (APR) – All Programs/Areas/Units

Comprehensive Program Review (CPR) –

Comprehensive Program Review (CPR) – Special Programs/Service Areas

Comprehensive Program Review (CPR) – Administrative Units

2023 – 2024 Resource Request Ranking Rubric – All Programs/Areas/Units

Two-member coaching teams from Institutional Effectiveness Committee (IEC) are assigned to each Comprehensive Program Review (CPR) program or cluster. Coaches are available to assist you throughout the program review process.

Completing an Annual Program Review (APR)? See the training tab for resources and upcoming training sessions.

Coaches and Validators will be assigned at the first Institutional Effectiveness Committee meeting.