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Laney College



Brian Howey: Co-Editor –in Chief Laney Tower, Spring 2018; Winner of Humanities Dean’s Medal; will be attending University of California in Fall, 2018

Sarah Carpenter: Editor Laney Tower Fall, 2018; co-editor Spring 2018. B.A. in English, San Francisco State; writer for The Oakland Post and project writer for Bay News Rising.

Logan Murdock: Former Laney Tower staff writer; former NBC Comcast assignment editor in San Francisco; currently working as a sports writer for the East Bay Times.

Mike Hunt: former Laney Tower staff writer; worked as communications director for the Democratic Party in Iowa; worked for former congressman Mike Honda; currently an assistant to Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf.

Jim Heron-Zamora: former Laney Tower co-editorfor Laney Tower co-editor and staff writer. Staff writer for the San Francisco Chronicle.

Dean Calbreath: former Laney Tower staff writer. Member of Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative staff of the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Ryan Villarreal: Former Laney Tower staffer is a news curator for Facebook. Previously, he was a videographer for Columbia University, where he was a production coordinator and assistant editor for an online education project. He has a master’s degree from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism and a bachelor’s degree in literature from the University of California at Santa Cruz.

Harry Harris: First Editor-in-Chief of Laney Tower at current campus; long-time police reporter for The Oakland Tribune (now the East Bay Times).