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Math Lab Courses, Spring 2020

Math Lab Courses, Spring 2020

A little information about the Math Lab

The Math Lab currently offers 3 courses:

Math 210ABCD: Elementary Algebra (Here is the lab manual for Math 210: Math 210 Lab Manual_Spring 2020, which has a LOT of info about 210!)

Math 211ABCD: Intermediate Algebra (Here is the lab manual for Math 211: 211MLmanual_Spring2020 which has a LOT of info about 211!)


Math 220ABCDEFG: Math for the Trades (Here is the lab manual for Math 220: Math 220 Lab Manual for Fall 2019 (This one is OLD – I’m waiting to hear back about this course before I can complete it for this semester, but it is mostly the same!, which has a LOT of info about 220!)

A Little Bit About Math 210 and Math 211

The Math Lab is set up for students to take these courses in a self-paced way.  Math 210 and Math 211 are self-paced versions of Math 201 and 203, respectively.

Math 210

Math 210 and Math 201 are both Elementary Algebra courses.  Math 201 is a lecture course that meets for 5 hours per week during the regular semester and is worth (or costs) 4 units.  To create Math 210, we broke up Math 201 into 4 units and called them Math 210A, Math 210B, Math 210C and Math 210D.  If you complete Math 210A, 210B, 210C and 210D, this is equivalent to completing Math 201.

Math 211

Math 211 and Math 203 are both Intermediate Algebra courses.  Math 203 is a lecture course that meets for 5 hours per week during the regular semester and is worth (or costs) 4 units.  To create Math 211, we broke up Math 203 into 4 units and called them Math 211A, Math 211B, Math 211C and Math 211D.  If you complete Math 211A, 211B, 211C and 211D, this is equivalent to completing Math 203.

Both Math 210 and Math 211

These courses are set up similarly, where you have 4 smaller units to complete.  You can sign up for one unit at a time through the passport system or admissions and records.  Students can add units mid-semester (unlike in person classes) but will need to get add slips signed by me in order to add subsequent units.  This makes it more flexible for students – all in-person classes require you to take all 4 units at once, but in this class, you can go slower or quicker, depending on how you work and your goals.  You could even finish both courses in one semester, if you are really super fast and dedicated.

Both Math 210 and Math 211 have online homework through MathXL.  This is MANDATORY!  Homework will be completed online through that homework system. As of 1/14/20, it costs $59.99 for 6 months, $84.99 for 12 months and $104.99 for 24 months. One nice thing about this is that if you purchase it for 12 or 24 months, you could possibly use it for BOTH Math 210 and Math 211 (or 201 and 203).  If you choose to pace yourself slower, you can still get a deal for 24 months and possibly complete both courses (instead of purchasing 2 books!).   After you complete homework for a unit, you must take a practice test online (in MathXL).  Once you have passed all of the homework and the practice test, you must take a written exam in person!  There is one test per unit (and you can retake tests once, if you want a better grade).

Orientation Times!

If you are NEW to the math lab and enrolling in Math 210A or Math 211A, you are required to sign up for an orientation.  If you do not come to orientation, you will be dropped from the course.

If you are enrolled in Math 220 and would like to try out MathXL, you can also come to the orientation, as I will show you how to register with MathXL.  Tentative times are listed below (they are subject to change, based on if classrooms are available, so PLEASE, check again as we get closer to the start of classes to be certain that times have not changed!)  I have not yet been able to confirm 100% that I can use the classrooms I chose, so please check back here in case they change!  Once I know for sure, I will take out the ambiguous language:

Wednesday, 1/22: 6-7 pm in G-205

Tuesday, 1/28: 12-1 pm in G-205

Please RSVP the time you would like to attend either in the math lab (written, in person) or via email (kwilliamson@peralta.edu).  If you do not sign up for and attend an orientation, I will drop you from this class on 2/1/2020.  You can still re-enroll, but you cannot do this course without being in MathXL and I don’t want to force you to take a W if you decide you don’t want to take this course! You can email me at kwilliamson@peralta.edu to reserve a spot and if you have any desired time, feel free to let me know!!

If you have already taken the course before and believe you should be exempt from orientation, email me to tell me why and I’ll let you know if you can skip.

If you cannot make any time, please email me and I will try to meet with you to make sure you know how the class is set up, or you can pick up materials from the math lab and enroll yourself in MathXL.  So long as you are on my MathXL roster by 2/1/2020, you will NOT be dropped!!

If possible, come to orientation with an access code – if you do, you will be 100% set up by the end of our orientation!  I look forward to meeting you soon!


A Little Bit About Math 220

Math 220 is a Math for the Trades course that is also offered self-paced.  The course is broken up into 7 smaller units (220A, 220B, …, 220G) so that each unit is shorter and depending on what type of Career Technical course you are taking or degree you would like to get, you only need to take the parts that pertain to your chosen career.  This course covers parts of algebra, trigonometry, geometry, … but only the parts that you need for your chosen career.  It does not go into the math deeply, but it shows you what you need to know for the job you want.

I created a Math 220 MathXL course for those of you who might want or need more structure to your math course.  The online homework system would give you access to help, tutorials, the textbook, video lectures, and all kinds of feedback that could really help you get through this course.  It is not mandatory for Math 220, but should you like to try it out, come to orientation and I can help you get set up!  Hope to see at least some of you there!

A Little Bit about All the Math Lab Courses

Honestly, these courses are sometimes mistakenly thought to be easier than face to face courses, but often students struggle in them because you do not get direct instruction.  We cover the EXACT SAME material as in a regular face-to-face class!  It’s up to YOU to put in the time and effort to learn the math.  MathXL offers great videos and great guidance on how to solve problems, but if you do not use the features and take the time to really do the homework, the regular student will struggle.
For the Math 220 courses, there are some individual programs that offer tutoring and some that even offer a little bit of instruction (check with your teachers in welding, carpentry, machine shop, etc. for more info on that) but you will need to look into those options and take advantage of what you can on your own.  Please remember to GET HELP when you need it and ASK if you have any questions.  If you need help, go to the math lab (see below) or come to my office hours, email me or try to search for videos in youtube or khanacademy.org to find additional help.  If you want to ask someone for help, use the “Ask Your Instructor” button in MathXL and/or email me: kwilliamson@peralta.edu or go to the Math Lab (G-201) and ask for help!

Extra Help for Math 220 Students!

Kathi Roisen is a experienced tutor who specifically tutors students in Math 220 who are enrolled in the Industrial Maintenance program.  She meets her students on Mondays and Wednesdays from 1:15 pm to 3:15 pm in G-100.

The Math Lab

The Math Lab is open M-Th 10 am to 7 pm.  There are tutors available at all times that it is open that you can get help from (starting the second week of school).  There are also usually instructors on duty to help you (Monday – Thursday from 11 am – 1 pm and 5 pm – 7 pm).  You can find a schedule of tutors and instructors in the Math Lab.  Ronald is our new lab tech and will be running the Math Lab starting Spring 2019!  He is learning the ropes quickly and is happy to help you as much as he can!!

My Office Hours for Fall 2020

I will be in the Math Lab on Mondays and Wednesdays from 12 noon till 2 pm.  I can be available at other times if you set something up with me too – just email me (kwilliamson@peralta.edu)!

I teach on Mondays and Wednesdays from 9 am – 11:50 am in F-203.