Laney College

Laney Branding Guidelines

Laney Branding Guidelines

Branding tools help establish a consistent identity for Laney’s brochures, flyers, posters, schedules and all the other marketing pieces we create every day.

Logo usage

  • For branding purpose, the Laney College logo proportions should not be altered
  • The College logo should appear in Pantone 356 (green) or black ink only
  • All printed materials must include the Laney College logo


The following typefaces should be used for headings and display use:

  • Gemerald, Regular and Bold (Click here to download font)
  • If you do not have these options available, please use Times and Arial. These are both readily available on most computers and are clean and simple typefaces


  • Leave plenty of white space. Make sure margins and gutters are wide and open. This increases readability and keeps the eye moving around the page.
  • Do not introduce too many design elements. Most marketing materials need a logo, headline and photo on the cover, and a few nicely placed pictures/art on the inside. Stay away from photo collages, lots of images in boxes and dated clip art. The look we are going for is really best reproduced with large, clear, current photos when possible.


  • Click on thumbnail to download document
  • Edit materials
  • For best results, save as pdf document prior to printing


(Rev. by PIO, January 2019)