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Bio 10

Bio 10

Bio 10 is Introductory General biology (Lecture and Lab) for nonmajors.  We meet for 3 hours of lecture and 3 hours of lab a week. Bio 10 is great place to start if you are familiar with science or had strong science classes in high school.  If not, you may want to focus on your math and English skills before taking this class, then come in when your ready. This class can be overwhelming if you are not prepared, so feel free to talk to me about it first.

Required materials

Essentials of Biology w/Physiology, Campbell – we have a digital file of the text book that is FREE! The biology department has an innovation award we are using to have a free textbook available and access to Mastering Biology to help with student success.

Laney College Lab Manual available in the bookstore or downloadable through the Canvas site

Recommended à Lecture workbook is available in the bookstore or available through the Canvas site.

BIOL 10 BlackieBohorquez Fall 2018

BIOL 10 BlackieBohorquez Spring 2019