Laney College

Library Information Studies Courses

Library Information Studies Courses

Research Skills Certificate of Competency (Non-Credit) Courses (Laney College)

Offered Spring 2022

Noncredit classes are a great choice if you are seeking self-improvement, increased literacy and job skills, to learn a new skill or upgrade an existing one. Check out Peralta Noncredit FAQs for how to take and who can take them.

LIS 511

Research Skills I, Introduction to research: Information literacy skills, research process, topic selection and development, and overview of appropriate information sources.

LIS 512

Research Skills II, Continuation of LIS 511: Identifying search terms, locating information sources, and evaluating information sources.

LIS 513

Research Skills III, Continuation of LIS 512: Presenting research and data, citations, and academic integrity.

Fall 2022 Offerings


Start Date

End Date

LIS 511  Research Skills I

section 43098

Co-Instructors: Reginald Constant ( and YiPing Wang (

ZTC Course

Sept. 12, 2022 Dec. 9, 2022
LIS 512 Research Skills 2

section: 43099

Instructor: Reginald Constant (

ZTC Course

Sept. 26, 2022 Dec. 9, 2022
LIS 513 Research Skills 3

section: 43100

Instructor: YiPing Wang (

ZTC Course

Oct. 10, 2022 Dec. 9, 2022


Selected Topics in Library Information Studies

Course Number: LIS 248GA-MZ
Units: .5-5

Class: 0-5 hours lecture, 0-15 hours laboratory
(GR or P/NP)
See section on Selected Topics. 1699.00