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Laney College

About the Library

About the Library

Laney College Library
900 Fallon Street
Oakland, CA 94607
Phone: (510) 464-3495
Fax: (510) 464-3264


Library History

Laney College Library first opened its doors in September 1956.  At the time, the library was housed in a portable on the old 10th Street campus.

In January 1971, the library moved to its current location at 900 Fallon Street.

image: Laney Library Sign, 1958

The library sign in 1958

image: Laney Library Catalog, 1979-1981

A librarian searching the old card catalog (Source: Laney College Catalog, 1979-1981)


Library Mission

The library is committed to providing quality services to its diverse student population and to the residents of the Peralta Community College District. In accordance with the college’s mission statement, the library faculty and staff strive to:

  1. Provide consistent access to equitable, high quality services, resources (pring, electronic and media), equipment, and facilities in support of the college’s CTE (Career Technical Education), foundation skills, and transfer curricula.
  2. Encourage and facilitate the development of information competency skills related to independent inquiry and information retrieval to enhance student learning in all curricular areas and to promote critical thinking and life-long learning.
  3. Use technology to expand classroom instruction, individualize instruction, promote independent inquiry and research, and enhance the scope and quality of library services.