Data Science Course

*New* Data Science Course

Coming Fall 2024…

Math 118: Foundations in Data Science

An introduction to programming and data analysis!


Units: 4

Class: 3 hours lecture, 2.5 hours laboratory (GR)
Prerequisite(s): MATH 203 (Intermediate Algebra)

Acceptable for credit: CSU, acceptance for UCs pending

Math 188 can be taken instead of Math 13 (Statistics) to satisfy math requirements.


Lecture: Monday (in person)/Wednesday (online, optional in person)

Lab: Monday (in person)/Wednesday (online, optional in person)


If you are looking to advance your career in Data Analytics, Laney is offering a new class: Math 118 – Foundations in Data Science this Spring 2024!

This combines three perspectives: inferential thinking, computational thinking, and real-world relevance. Given data arising from some real-world phenomenon, how does one analyze that data so as to understand that phenomenon? The course teaches critical concepts and skills in computer programming and statistical inference, in conjunction with hands-on analysis of real-world datasets, including economic data, document collections, geographical data, and social networks. It delves into social issues surrounding data analysis such as privacy and design.

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