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Self-Paced Lab Courses

Self-Paced Lab Courses

Self-paced “Lab” Courses

The Math Lab offers you the opportunity to take the following math courses in a self-paced format:

Course Number
Course Title
Math 210 ABCD Elementary Algebra
4 total
Math 211 ABCD Intermediate Algebra
4 total
Math 220 A-G Technical Math
4 total

Algebra Courses (Math 210ABCD & 211ABCD)

We offer two self-paced algebra courses to be taken one unit at a time. The Math 210 series is equivalent to Math 201, Elementary Algebra. The Math 211 series is equivalent to Math 203, Intermediate Algebra. Students may enroll in a one-unit module of these self-paced classes at any time during the semester, and we ask that you are enrolled in at least one unit while completing coursework in the lab during each semester. Because you may enroll at any time, we strongly suggest that you start the semester in one of our lecture courses, then if you feel you need to take the class at a slower pace you may transfer to our self-paced coursework.

Our self-paced courses do not offer direct instruction. In order to help compensate for this, in Math 210 series and 211 series we have adopted the use of MathXL, which is a computer based homework system that offers video, text and examples for the students as they work through the homework. MathXL can be accessed on any computer that has internet connection and the current Adobe Flash plug-ins. A Math XL access code does need to be purchased.  Access codes purchased separately are more expensive than those bundled with a (loose-leaf version) of the book. For more information come to the Math Lab in G-201.

Instructors and tutors are available at the Math Lab to help you if you are having difficulty. To pass each module of the courses, you are expected to demonstrate your mastery of the material for that module by passing a series of paper-pencil tests administered at the Math Lab.

Technical Math (Math 220ABCDEFG)

The Math 220 series is tailored for some of the vocational education programs on Laney campus. Students may enroll in these one- or half-unit modules at any time during the semester, and we ask that you are enrolled in at least one section while completing coursework in the lab during each semester.

Technical Math does not use computer based homework systems. We assign suggested homework for students to complete from the textbooks. For more information please come to the Math Lab in G-201.


Math Lab Policies:

These policies are strictly enforced.

  • You must take all tests in the Math Lab.
  • Once you have started a test you must complete it without interruption.
  • You may use a calculator on all tests.
  • All tests are closed book and without notes.
  • All tests are untimed.
  • You must do your own work on Tests. Anyone who either helps another student or gets help during a test is dropped from the Math Lab course.