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Math SLO Day, Spring 2015

Math SLO Day, Spring 2015

The math department strives to engage all faculty in student assessment and discussions surrounding assessment results and our classrooms.  This semester, the math department had an assessment day, where we invited all math faculty to discuss the results of our fall 2014 assessment results.  There were 16 faculty (8 full time and 8 part time) who came together to talk about our results, what challenges we face in the classroom and what changes we would like to see occur in our classrooms, department and institutionally.  In order to guide this process, we used a form that we modified from Cabrillo College: SLO Course Analysis Form.

The results of our assessment for each class discussed is posted here, as well as the questions and rubrics we used.

Below you will find the completed forms for each course we discussed and the actions that we would like to take:

Math 1 (Precalculus for Business Majors): Math 1-Course-Analysis-Form

Math 2 (Precalculus): Math 2-SLO-Course-Analysis-Form

Math 3A (Calculus I): Math 3A-SLO-Course-Analysis-Form

Math 3B (Calculus II): Math 3B-SLO-Course-Analysis-Form

Math 3C (Multivariate Calculus): Math 3C-SLO-Course-Analysis-Form

Math 3E (Linear Algebra): Math 3E-SLO-Course-Analysis-Form

Math 3F (Differential Equations): Math 3F-SLO-Course-Analysis-Form

Math 13 (Statistics): Math_13-SLO-Course-Analysis-Form

Math 16A (Business Calculus): Math 16A-SLO-Course-Analysis-Form

Math 50 (Trigonometry): Math 50-SLO-Course-Analysis-Form

Math 201 (Elementary Algebra): Math 201-SLO-Course-Analysis-Form

Math 203 (Intermediate Algebra): Math 203-SLO-Course-Analysis-Form

Math 250 (Arithmetic): Math 250-SLO-Course-Analysis-Form

Math 253 (Prealgebra): Math 253-SLO-Course-Analysis-Form

Additionally, we created an assessment of our assessment day and have gathered much positive feedback from faculty who were able to attend.  Results will be summarized and shared soon.