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Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs)

Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs)

We offer 2 math degrees at Laney College: the Transfer Degree in Mathematics (AS-T) or an AS in Mathematics.  Both of these degrees have the same set of Program Learning Outcomes.  These outcomes are what we would like all students who receive either of our degrees to be able to accomplish, upon completion of the degree.

Program Learning Outcomes for Mathematics Transfer Degree and for Associates Degree in Math:

1. Application Problems: Students should be able to read word problems, identify the type of problem, synthesize relevant information, create a mathematical relationship (equation) to determine unknown quantities and solve to determine the answer to the question posed.

2. Solving Problems Algebraically: Students should be able to use algebraic manipulation to find solutions to problems/equations both with and without a calculator.

3. Graphs: Students should be able to analyze, create and/or solve problems using graphical analysis.

If a student receives a transfer degree, the student is guaranteed admission to a CSU!  To get a transfer degree, there are requirements that need to be met that are described in the Laney College Catalog.  Click Here to go to the Catalog.  To find a description of the requirements for the degree, scroll down to the Math Department, page 254.

We also just reactivated the old AA degree that we offered exclusively before we started awarding the Transfer Degree (just this summer 2016, it was approved by the state).  Apparently, if you are trying to fulfill requirements to transfer to a UC, the AA degree would align with your work better than that of the Transfer Degree.  Since this degree was so recently approved, to find the requirements you need to meet to get an AA in Math, you should look in an old catalog, which you can find by clicking here, see page 212 (or page 216 in the pdf).