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Class 9 Assignments

Class 9 Assignments

Theme – Come up with a definition for “theme” to discuss next week.

Final Project – For next week, complete section I — pitch — of the Final Project (described below):



I. Write a ‘pitch’ for your short film that you’ll submit in the following format on a single  page. You will also make a verbal presentation of this pitch to the class:

  • Opening image or Hook
  • Logline
  • Message or theme
  • Central question
  • Clearly defined character arc for your protagonist

II. Attach your revised treatment (the story broken down into three acts — this should be  four double-spaced, typed pages) OR your ten page script.

  • At the end of each act, I want to see a clearly defined plot point.
  • Your main character needs to be identified as do the obstacles that lie in the path
  • of your character’s goal. Additionally, you’ll need to resolve the obstacles in an
  • entertaining and creative way.
  • Finally, the story’s ending should be satisfying and tie back in to the story itself.

If you really want to go above and beyond what’s required for this course, take the time to make this story pitch as clever and creative as possible. Consider this as an opportunity to actually develop a script that can be made into a short film, or lead you to a bigger project.

The competition is fierce out there so you’ll need to be resourceful and original. Make it look professional, too. Spelling and grammar mistakes are a huge “Oh hell no!” We all have spell-check. And we all have at least one person in our life whom we can coerce into proofreading our work.

If you submit something in Hollywood that’s plagued with spelling mistakes or misused words, you can forget about getting your work taken seriously. Like any other industry, Hollywood has its standards and it’s a good idea to start adhering to them now.

Refer to your textbook for guidelines on formatting treatments and scripts.

Good luck and have fun!!